Bad Guys I

Gallery 110, Seattle, Washington
October 6 – 29, 2016

Bad Guys I is a series of acrylic paintings on hardboard and multimedia artboard that explore the ‘Face of Evil’.

Haughton writes: We love mug shots. The newspapers show us the faces of ‘bad guys’: serial killers and wife-beaters, terrorists and animal abusers, pederast priests and gang-bangers, rapacious corporate scam-artists and nasty racist small- town sheriffs. We are absorbed. We study with fervid fascination the face of the accused: we search the bone structure, the expression of the eyes, the skin color, the facial hair… striving to recognize a pattern reliably signaling ‘I am evil… I am dangerous’. We crave to discover some clue that would identify and warn of evil within, that would allow us warning, that would help us keep safe from harm our loved ones, and ourselves.