Angry White Men II – Vancouver

Angry White Men II: Further explorations of the Face of Evil
Visual Space Gallery, 3352 Dunbar Street, Vancouver
March 14-27, 2019 | Noon-12 daily

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Interview with Sheryl Mackay, North by Northwest, CBC Radio

The first Canadian exhibition of a new series of provocative paintings seeks not to glorify, but to warn, and perhaps to nudge us to reflect: “Why?” and “Why now?” David Haughton‘s portraits of neo-Nazis, Trump supporters, and a wide world of disenfranchised, resentful and angry people are rich with texture and trigger strong emotions. The images are appropriated from news photos in France, Hungary, Poland, England, Sweden, and the USA. The paintings attempt to convey the danger posed by these ‘angry white men’ who are themselves a symptom of a greater evil.

The Face of Evil: To produce violence, it is not necessary to promote it actively. All that is necessary is to stop restraining or preventing it. Once the restraints are removed, there are plenty of reasons for people to strike out at each other. Evil is always ready and waiting to burst into the world.
– Roy Baumeister, PhD, Evil – Inside Human Violence and Cruelty